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The Complete AI-Powered Suite For Digital Marketing Operations 

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Why Use AutoText

AutoText AI’s automated digital marketing workflow ensures faster turnaround times, increased productivity and huge savings. Automate your digital marketing lifecycle management with AutoText AI and focus on the tasks that only you can do for your business!

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AutoText AI is a proprietary AI/ML-based digital marketing technology. Specially trained AI and ML models are utilized for content and image generation, SM analysis, and keyword recommendation to enhance your audience reach and post engagement.

Artificial Intelligence

Get AI/ML Empowered

Analysing data is a tedious task involving complex calculations. AutoText offers a smart analytics tool that gives you data-driven action pointers to measure and track your marketing performance. 

Post Analytics

AutoText AI has built highly efficient and interactive posting and scheduling tools to publish your posts across different platforms, on your chosen time points, across the globe. You can now forget juggling between platforms, times and locations!

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SEO Recommendation

AutoText AI utilizes advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to identify current trends and opportunities to optimize content and improve search rankings. AutoText AI’s data-driven insights help in refining content by increasing the SEO value.

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Technology for Faster, Better and Higher Performance

Artificial Intelligence

 Writer’s block is a thing in the past with AI text generators in action today. AI text generators are large language models that use machine learning algorithms to analyze massive sets of data to generate ‘text’ output on providing ‘prompts’ as input. AutoText has focussed on ethical and responsible development and utilization of this technology ensuring safety and security in creation and communication.

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Machine Learning

Humans use machines to perform repetitive tasks, what if machines show some creativity too! Machine learning (ML) models can “learn” all by themselves by analyzing the data and identifying patterns. Our home-grown ML models have been trained on a large data set on search rankings, organic traffic, and user engagement to help users boost their marketing.

How Does AutoText Works



AutoText generates new-business launch ideas and existing-business growth ideas around the given domain and context. With AutoText you never fall short of trending ideas to boost your campaign.

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AutoText’s AI-enabled text and image generating tools are designed and curated for the best quality content generation using text prompts. The platform is highly efficient in creating readable, plagiarism-free, SEO friendly and domain specific content as well as high-quality images.



AutoText AI’s ‘Quick Post’ feature is a state-of-the-art tool to simultaneously create and post stories on more than one platform per individual platform guidelines. The tool creates, schedules and publishes your content as per your posting strategy for the target audience.

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AutoText AI’s analytics tool studies post engagement comprehensively across various performance parameters and fetches platform specific analyses. The tool presents comparative and competitive performance evaluation report of all posts done on different social media platforms within a specific date range.



AutoText collates intel derived from the performance trend of past social media campaigns and suggests industry-specific data-driven key action pointers for the future. AutoText uses machine learning for social listening and predicting emerging trends, best-performing keywords, and most appropriate social media posting platforms for a particular market type and segment.

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Utkarsh Rai- Director DNR Infra

At DNR, we've harnessed the power of autotext for our organic social media marketing, and the results have been truly transformative. Implementing autotext technology has allowed us to establish a standardized and consistently effective marketing campaign while remarkably reducing our resource costs.
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